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About Us

The company was established in 1999 by a group of computer scientists to provide worldwide professional services in IT industry. Tonec Inc. has successfully finished a large number of software development projects mainly for US customers. Since 1999 Tonec Inc. was expanding opportunities for its new and existing businesses, while its product line continues to grow in consumer relevance. At this time we have no resources to work for hire on third party projects, and we focus on our own software projects.

Because of our commitment to customer needs, constant staff training and considerable market and professional experience, we feel confident that Tonec Inc. will delivery most technologically advanced, comprehensive, secure, high quality and cost-effective solutions for your business



    We have at least 8Mbit/s Internet connection in all our offices. This is sufficient for teleconferencing with every development center. We actively use VPN technology for interoffice communications. Our corporate computers are placed behind CISCO routers and firewalls. This builds additional security layer in working with confidential customer information.


Staff    We recruit best local talents giving them competitive salary, good working environment and ability to gain a decent professional experience. We have our recruiting agents in leading local academic institutions. Every candidate had been thoroughly tested before was admitted to work in our corporation. If you are a qualified developer, manager or designer, you can apply for a job here.


Management    Projects are managed using widely adopted management techniques. We make a working schedule, assign time, material and people resources, create workgroups, set milestones with deliverables and checkpoints, set indicators for monitoring project progress. Our offshore project managers speak English fluently and work overtime often to ensure substantial communication with our customers.


Programming    All C++, VB, JAVA and other code is developed in full compliance with object oriented methodology. We widely use CASE tools like Rational Rose and PowerDesigner to make object models before starting the implementation. It helps to improve the initial code design process and save time on the development of object and data models. Methods and classes are designed to be robust and well structured. Error handling is done according to OOP recommendations. We have a special QA/QC group that checks software quality according to ISO standards. All programming code is substantially commented.

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