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Working with a contractor - especially a foreign one - can be very vague and difficult. Working with you has been fairly easy, and I have been pleased, but there is still room for improvement... Particularly, if you remember, in the beginning I really had no idea where to begin or what your capabilities were.

Great work. Thanks guys. Honestly I didn't expect that working with you would be so easy. Thanks again

You have done very well by me and I would like to see you succeed... You deserve it. In the long run, your success would be mine as well because, if nothing else, I would be able to call on you for future projects, and your successful company would add to the number of "good" companies out there - which is always beneficial to everyone.

IMFilter is a highly specialized utility with complex requirements including complex command line options, multi-threaded operation, and a strict object oriented design. The project was delivered on-time, and on-budget with very few revisions or testing iterations. The source code even matches our internal development styles and passes our code review process with flying colors. Most importantly, our end users are completely delighted with the results and so is our engineering staff. This has been an unqualified success!

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