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CD Speed CD Speed 3.3

The best way to to improve data read reliability, lower CD read noise, and extend your CD-ROM drive lifetime.

CD Speed can set the maximum data transfer rate of your CD-ROM drive and limit compact disk rotation speed. These settings will apply to all Windows applications that read data from CD. When you listen to your favorite music, watch movies or play games, you don't need ultra fast data transfer rate, because most multimedia formats like mpeg, divx, avi, mp3, real media, mp4 are designed to play for a long time and use low data transfer rates. When you lower data transfer rates, it lowers disk rotation speed, lowers noise level and extends your CD-ROM drive lifetime.

CD Speed may help if you have problems with data read, since lower compact disk rotation speeds improve data read reliability. Also you may want to lower the speed if you use low quality CDs that may crash at high rotation speeds and seriously damage your CD-ROM drive.


CD Speed works with multiple CD-ROM devices installed in the system, it can lock, eject and load CD-ROM tray. The program supports Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and most new CD-ROM drives.

The latest version has a feature to keep maximum speed limits even when other applications attempt to change it or when you change compact disks in CD-ROM drive.

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