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T1C Sound T1CSound

Simple ActiveX component for sound generation using system speaker:

The component can be used for the generation of sound using system speaker by any applications that support ActiveX components: VBScript and Jscript, ASP (IIS), VBA for Access, Word and Excel, etc.

Platform: Windows 95/98/NT/2000.

The component can be used by system administrator for the alert of predefined system events like port scanning, intrusion detection, applications running, read of specific pages or files, etc. The frequency and duration of sound can be set so that different sound patterns can be assigned to different set of events. Also a developer can use the component for applications debugging, i.e. testing ambiguous conditions, catching not handled exceptions, etc. ASP developer can avoid using response.write and Session variables for debugging and use predefined system sounds for a set of predefined events. You should use the component carefully since the execution of applications stops during sound.

The component is supplied with full source code that can be used freely for any purpose.

Example of calling BeepSound from example.vbs or example.asp:

Dim objBeep
Set objBeep = CreateObject("TONEC1.LongBeep")
objBeep.BeepSound 1000,3000
Set objBeep = Nothing

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