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WebPageSnapshot is an ActiveX component to make snapshots of web pages.   Spider VB6.0
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The main purpose is to create a snapshot of a web page with URL. You can set image dimensions and save the image in BMP, Jpeg, GIF and PNG image formats. Also the component gets additional info about the page like Title, its text, links on the page, e-mails, HTML code, real URL. The samples included in the distribution file will let you start creating your own projects immediately. One of the samples is the Spider application developed on C#, VB 6.0 and VBScript. It creates a database of screenshots of spidered pages that can be used in Search Engine sample (ASP, ASP.NET C#). Also Enterprise Edition will include complete source code that let you host the component on any servers.

Components works as follows:

The method GetWebPage has two parameters related to a web page, namely window dimension and URL. The method creates an instance of Internet Explorer, then opens a web page, makes a snapshot and destroys the instance of Internet Explorer. After the execution of the method, it is possible to save the snapshot to a file and retrieve additional information about the page like its title, real URL (since redirects are possible) and the text content. All these operations are performed transparently for the user without any visible activity.

Since the browser control is performed through the component, the interaction with the user should come to naught. Itís reached as follows:


Quick start instruction to use WebPageSnapshot component

The demo version can be downloaded here.

See also webpagesnapshot site.

The full version can be purchased here.

If you have any questions, write to

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