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Download Optimizer Internet Download Optimizer v 4.11

Internet Download Optimizer v 4.11 - The best way to improve the performance of your Internet connection!

Internet Download Optimizer (IDO) can accelerate your downloads by up to 200% with a new TCP/IP optimization logic. Its wizard will determine your operating system and guide you through a number of steps to achieve better Internet performance. IDO currently supports Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 operating systems and optimizes MTU, MSS, buffer sizes and other Internet settings for a given host automatically. You can also tweak the registry settings manually and restore original ones if you find any problems with them. The distribution package includes one small binary file and a comprehensive help that describes the wizard and explains the settings it makes in the registry. DialUp, LAN, cable and DSL adapters are supported. This version also has "stay connected" feature that prevents you from being disconnected by your ISP.

Version 4.1 also includes support for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Outlook, ICQ, Netscape, IRC, MSN, AOL, CompuServe, NetZero, Prodigy, WorldNet and all FTP clients and download managers. You may download 30-day trial version. You may register 30-day trial version of Internet Download Optimizer for only $24.95 (special limited time offer).

The features of Internet Download Optimizer 4.1 (Released: 1st May 2001)

Internet Download Optimizer finds optimal Windows registry Internet settings and can be used to increase file transfer speed. Internet Download Optimizer finds your optimal MTU and other settings for your Internet connection. It leads to more effective bandwidth usage and prevents unnecessary data fragmentation and packet retransmitting.

All adapter settings are saved in the registry and will apply only after system reboot. It's also recommended closing other Internet programs that use network adapter at the time when Internet Download Optimizer is finding your optimal settings.

IDO doesn't make any unsolicited connections and doesn't send any information. When IDO is running it shows its icon on the taskbar. Clicking on the icon will open the settings dialog. You can close the application by selecting exit either in the dialog menu or icon context menu.

IDO checks for new versions once per week by reading file from its home site. If a new version is available, the message box will pop up describing all new features and asking if you want to update it.

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